Updated: Jan 30, 2020

I’ve only been to New York City once before and it was about 8 years ago. I used to always envision a life for myself there, not really knowing where I’d exist within it. I decided to look at it like a business trip—using my practical trains of thought to get me through. Could I live here? Am I cut out for this? Would I lose my mind? How in the hell could I afford all of this? Yeah, I still have no idea. What I do know is that the kinetic energy moving about the island was so magnetizing. The inner child in me beamed and I even tricked myself into believing I knew where I was going next. Friday was a rejuvenating day for me that weekend because I got to share space with a dear friend.



Sarah. Oh, Sarah. I often romanticize all the people in my life whom I hold dear. I used to judge myself for it and sometimes I still do. In this case, I do not care. I emphasize the necessity of connection. I often curl up into myself in despair at the thought of everyone’s perpetual, internal chaos. As a collective, we as a people are constantly surrounded by one another. We meander through our days, passing by strangers, our friends, loved ones. But how often do we pause and embrace them? At the end of it all, we are truly One in the same... right? I am not alone in this. I know so because of those who are, like Sarah, a piece of my soul circle. I am grateful to say I have many beings in my life who understand this, too.



Sarah and I had not crossed paths in almost 3 years. In college, while she was still a student, I always heard her name come up. We may have had one conversation lasting no more than 45 minutes at a callback my freshman year. I also saw her perform at a house party and found myself in a puddle on the floor. We kept in touch though. I never hesitated to send her bits and pieces of my experience either through social media or in writing. There's a letter she wrote me two years ago that still resides in my wallet. I read it often and am still being reminded of the same lessons. It's quite timeless. She is a reminder for me, a guide. Her ability to stand in her Power and still surrender to Life itself is absolutely infectious to me. My spirit is hungry for learning experiences such as these.

When I got to Washington Heights, she flung her door open with laughter and we embraced one another for quite some time. We breathed together, we giggled. And then we began to create.



This photoshoot was lingering through my headspace for quite some time. I was always so drawn to the Feminine Power that emulated off of Sarah and I saw to it that I would be able to reflect it. Something so simple as broken shards of a mirror, sage, her plant babies, and natural light peeking through her windows. It felt as if there was no rush, no need to get anything done. Just these moments. I’ve always been worried about time, typically feeling like I will be late and denying the fact that I actually move rather quickly through life all at once. On this day, the 9 hours spent together, I was never worried about where to go next. It was seamless.



We seemed to really take in the whole day. Bundled up in layers of fabric, discussing our ambitions and the importance of breath. It was exactly what I needed to be reminded of... seeing as a lot is shifting and building in my life currently. I truly could go on and on about this day, but I worry some of you guys may not have gotten this far. Regardless, many thanks to Sarah for her frequency. She promoted my growth and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. I am so grateful for your spirit. You are here to embody the Goddess. To this day and beyond, these moments are some of the most dear that I have captured. I will remember this.

Thank you.


Dustin Dale Barlow

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