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Hello all! Wow, this is exciting, isn’t it? Here I am sitting on my couch, watching The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes, and pondering how in the world all of these doors of opportunity have opened up in the last few years. My adoration for digital photography began when I was very little. I did everything I could to master the tiny little camera built into the iPod throughout my adolescence. One of the major stepping stones I consider very pivotal (and geeky) for me was when I discovered all the ins and outs of the iPhone camera. It was so fun for me to explore the wide range of how I perceive what I see without any pressure to get it out there in the world. Essentially, I started taking photographs of what looked pleasing to me. Whether it was how the grass glistened with the morning dew or how different a leaf can change with the passage of time .... I truly have never stopped being a part of The Romantics era. Beginning this journey had the foundation of a lot of creative energy that I did not know what to do with half the time — I still don’t. There‘s something so beautiful to me (being a college student in the last semester of my undergrad... oh me oh my) in the idea that above all else I will never truly retire the role of being a student. A life full of learning is a life I want to live. Taking the big step to purchase my first DSLR made something in my stomach jump last year. I still am discovering how to translate what it is that I see. Knowing the perfect picture can never be taken, I am eager to continue using this medium to unveil truth and authenticity. Thank you soooooo much for walking alongside me on this path. It sure is a wild ride.


Dustin Dale Barlow

P.S. These pictures are of my dear soul sister Erika. She reminds me of a warrior queen never resisting the winds. I thank her daily for her hugs, her companionship, and her wisdom.

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