Beginning Again


The last time I remember sharing space with Kaylene was a little over two years ago. I was walking out of the Wanda L. Bass building on my way to my next class, barefoot. She had already graduated and happened to be in the city. I remember cheering to myself as I watched her fantastical journey unfold (thank you Instagram, there is good in you) over these last two or so years. A fair share of inspiring and nostalgic energy had been spent with Kaylene my freshman year of college; and the next time we crossed happened in an instant. We did not hesitate to hug and then poof! Kaylene floated away... ~ as did I.


The two years ahead marked to be triumphantly buzzy.


I did not know the next time we would connect would be during such a transformative period in our world. Then I thought to myself... of course this would materialize before us.


This photoshoot with Kaylene presented many gateways I have only begun to walk through. The elements of this session compiled together in a brisk 30 minutes (again, ascending time and space) made me feel born anew. Kaylene was unbelievably professional and we were ready to collaborate with one another. There was movement, intention, magic, and Spirit. It seems as if many pieces of fabric were being stitched back together in this big quilt of experience. Kaylene was receptive, willing, and present.

This session made me believe I am stepping further and further into my Purpose. There is no name for it.


The vibrations Kaylene brought to this session made the energy flow with ease and bliss. The camera seemed to disappear and yet—captures time in such a way.

Pathways are shifting and doors are opening... very very soon I see. This session instilled in me even more trust in the Divine’s plan for this life. This next chapter is of the utmost benevolence. I thank you, Kaylene. Great Spirit, I thank You.


You can follow Kaylene’s journey on Instagram: @kaytothelene

or visit her website

She is in fact an Illuminator.

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